Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm backing up all my networks!!

To get an auction property at good price nowadays are getting difficult each and everyday. A lot of people starting to flow the market no matter they are equipped with knowledge, or they think it’s a new trend, or they know nothing at all, or maybe they know a little and hopping that they could learn along the way after purchasing the property. 1-2 years back when there’s not much people getting into this type of investment, we don’t have much problem arise or heard of. Along the way, we have a lot of people joining and they blog about it. It’s a good thing. No doubt about it. We’re sharing informations and stories. We share about our success stories, our difficulties, our process to get the properties, the problem arise from it and even stories about how people screw up your purchase and your dissatisfaction upon it. It’s your side of stories. And even you don’t have a blog, you can shout on the box and you can spread the stories when you meet up among the groups. No problem on that. My concern is that, before you spread the damage, kindly understood the whole process of purchasing a property until it get repaired, including the cost and the people that we’re dealing with in order to complete the whole process. We need to understand, why in some cases, the people cannot deliver the job within the stipulated given time.

I tried to detail process flow of purchasing an auction property before just to make most of you understand. Maybe my words are not good enough. If you do not understand, try to get to other sources. We have a lot to choose our resources from. But if you still do not understand how it works, then better for you to not getting yourself in to this type of investments. Its just gonna made things mess. Try to focus on what you do best. Investors come and go.. but only the one with high spirit and motivation drives will stay focus on this.

If you think some people are guilty, maybe they’re guilty. That’s the spirit. Have your dignity spare unchallenged and undisputed. That’s what I’ll do too. But if you do know, that you’re wrong later on in this part of your life’s, kindly put back things on how it should be. But of course, the damage has been done. It’s not easy to put back things on how it should as before. Attacking one another doesn’t give a good result on this type of situation. Both reputations will be damaged. Whether you’re right or you’re wrong, that’s not the main thing that I concern. It’s all about how you deliver your stories. People judge on how you write your stories. The word you’ve chosen should be considered wisely. You need to have both sides of stories to complete and to judge a scenario. That’s how things work before you make any decision to bash other people. No doubt people have anger. Do not let your anger damage your reputation. We don’t live alone in this type of network. Once damage has been done, people will remember. Melayu mudah lupa kah??

You might say, I pay your service. You know what.. sometimes money is not everything that we’re after. I myself, have the principle that “Its not always about the money”. By paying the money, doesn’t mean you own the person until the job done. Its about helping and trusting each other. There’s always rooms for negotiation and rooms for improvement. I always go for negotiation first.

All my networks are advice to read not only my blog, but all the blog listed in my blog list. They do read, and they know what’s going on. They know our capability, vision, knowledge and our strength towards becoming a good network of young and dangerous investors. I also not going to delete any positive or negative comments on my blog. It is for all of you to comment, and it’s up to you to put your choice of word. If you’re brave enough like most of the commenter here, you’ll put your name on it. But please, do not make a fool of your goodself by dropping childish and stupid comments. People judge by your choice of word. Put your anger aside, and put your comment professionally.

Why I’m writing this? Some people just do not understand my network work and job scope. I’m not talking about lawyer only, it’s about all. The banker, the lawyer and the handyman. I’m backing up all my networks!! That is what friends for. We stand up for each other!!
To all my networks.. all of you have done a good job so far. Do not let me down!!
I'm counting on you guys!!



Salam Tuan Faris kuatkan semangat. Biasalah business ada pasang surut, turun naik, penuh semangat dan kadang-kadang down...Itu gunanya sahabat, saling mengingatkan dan SALING MEMBERIKAN SEMANGAT...Kuatkan semangatmu kawan


dan manusia pun ada macam-macam jenis. Nak cari semua orang perfect, semua orang puas hati dengan service kita memang tak kan jumpa....Apa yang penting kuatkan semangat & kalau rasa benda tu betul..buat je lah, persetankan saja komen-komen negatif itu. Kalau tak nak serabutkan minda ko approve/unapprove kan saja setiap komen yang masuk, baru pengkomen fikir 3-4 kali sebelum bagi komen. Bukannya sekat kebebasan, tapi bagi sama-sama fikir sikit sebelum komen. Biar sama-sama membantu kearah kebaikan dan bukannya saling menyalahkan....Kuatkan semangatmu..

Farid said...


wakata said...

Bro, i'm being frank.
On the negative side, there are some delays on lawyer process & repair work. I think this is due to great Puan lawyer is on leave and too many jobs to handle at one time versus current capacity. Agree all of investors need to understand lawyer process; which delays also contributed by slow developer & even from bank itself. And repair work delay not much can say, since it is very much depend on the handyman himself.

On the positive note, SS will organize client day with the lawyer, which is good. And now lawyer has been follow-up rather than investor following up all the progress before this. SS also has more sub-con than before and already has an office for better adminstrative work. Very good...Even all the three big boss now is full time player..walllah!

Keep it up!Keep it up!

faris said...

Mostly the attack was towards the lawyer and we need to know the root of the problem. Quite a number of attack has been done so far. maybe there will be in the future. Thats why we need to differentiate what's within the lawyer job scope, and whats not, so that we dont blame the innocent party. Most of the attack was not even the lawyers fault. i understand theres some delay. The person in charge came back to settle all. i already giving my piece of mind to them. We compare cases with other firm as well. We get approximately same result. and.. about the handyman, we manage to put their experties in position, not just one handyman do it all now. But still theres some issues on that. nothing big.. but still affect me and Bri.

Lukeman : kau tau kenapa aku suka lepaskan saja komen? bila mereka meletakkan komen2 tanpa berfikir sepatutnya, mereka mempertontonkan kebodohan mereka kepada umum. Mereka patut belajar menjadi pandai. Blog aku kurang panas, sebab aku pilih jalan sejuk.. blog kau panas skit, boleh selalu dapat komen2 anon macam tu. Fikiran aku tak serabut pun dengan negative energy ini.


Haha...i just telling the truth, biarkan saja blog ku panas, lama-lama kesejukan/kebenaran kan muncul jua :)

PoKLi said...

wah....berbelit lidah aku baca...kkekeke..maklumla aku dulu belajar local jer...:P

mmg networking paling peentingggggg
buat apa2 bisness pon...mesti ada rangkaian..pelabur hartanah ada networking juru

kadang2 ilmu yg kita kongsi bukan nak balasan apa2 pun.....mmg best ajar org tgk org happy....

pendapat aku....buang je benda2 yg -ve dan lupakan mereka.....

untuk berjaya
1) tambah pasif income
2) tambah ilmu
3) tambah network
4) tambah pelaburan
5) tambah pengalaman
6) tambah modalllll....kekekeke

good luck bro...

u r my networking....

digoil said...

kesian lawyer tu. tapi biasalah. orang bila ingat dah bayar duit, dia boleh duduk goyang kaki dan orang lain buat kerja dia.

kadang2 kalau kita pun menyibuk sikit pun ok apa. kalau nak cepat sikit tolong je lawyer tu.

expectation kalau tinggi sangat, sakit hati dia pun tinggi juga. jadi relaks jer. kalau tak sanggup tunggu, buat semua sendiri, tak payah guna lawyer.

kita hidup mesti cool.

bird said...

Betul. Sesetengah orang expect Lawyer tu keje utk dia sorang je.

Ni mesti orang2 yang 1st time beli rumah ni. Beli rumah bukan macam beli biskut. Kalau settle dalam 6-9 bulan tu biasalah, macam2 sebab boleh jadi lambat, valuer, pejabat tanah, developer, documentation, bank, etc.

treec00l said...

bird & digoil,

memandangkan anda berdua sudah fasih dan lebih berpengalaman, please advice me, what should i do on these situation:

a) u call the lawyer, or sms the lawyer, then the lawyer said they will return the call/sms because the lawyer are not available on that moment due to their hectic schedule. But even after 6 months, the lawyer still never return your call?

b) u sent an email to the lawyer, but even after 6 months, the lawyer still never reply the email?

c) even after (a) & (b) happen, u still following up with the lawyer office at least once a week, and of course, the lawyer is busy with the lawyer's hectic schedule, but that's allright because u understand the lawyer's hectic schedule. ur call was only entertained by the lawyer's clerk. that is still ok, as long there is someone answering the call.

d) with regard to (a), (b) and (c), u wish to ask the lawyer directly, if they faced any problem in dealing with any other 3rd party ie PBT, maintenance office and developer, so we can give a helping hand to follow-up with them and solve it togehter, DUE TO WE ARE 1ST TIMER & INEXPERIENCE, but end up with a very long explaination from the lawyer's clerk (about 30 minutes), which is unnecessary and avoidable, without even answering ur question, WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT WE CAN HELP TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM? Do you know the lawyer's clerk was final say for that question? "eh, you do not need the document to be submitted".

e) to be continued....

engkubujal2211 said...

sy takleh comment sbb msh takde experieance pasal lelong...hehehe....

tapi kalau pasal lowyer,perlu lah d cari lowyer yg pantas & cergas...
dgn kata mudah nya, cari lowyer,
not lo_ya....


treec00l said...

what should i do on these situation:

e) no more.

jgn salah faham, bukan nak hangatkan suasana lagi, cuma mau mintak pendapat.

note: ini cuma contoh situasi shj. jadi, mana2 tempoh atau perbualan hanyalah rekaan semata-mata.

keypoint: art of follow-up :D

bird said...


6 months?? gila ape. even 6 days is already a long time. 24 hours is the most one should wait for a simple return call/email (even less for more critical services). it seems that the lawyer wants to avoid you for some reason.

constant communications is vital. we normally cannot see what lawyers do. so the only way lawyers can demonstrate that a task is done, is by communicating to the customer. moreover, even if something isn't done yet, a simple call to inform/explain to the customer will at least keep him happy for another day. lawyers should understand that they are not only in the business of settling legal processes, they are also in the business of keeping clients constantly informed. this actually applies to other long-term service businesses as well.

Ok. Let's discuss practical ways to speed up delays:
- i realize everything gets done faster if you push harder. i learned this the hard way - when i bought my 1st house 2007, the process took 9 months. if you don't hear from them, call them.
- record all communications including dates, times, and persons you spoke with. so if there's any dispute, you have proofs. now i keep track of every single meeting/phonecall/occurence related to my houses. (bende kecik2 mcm jumpe faris kat tepi jalan pun aku rekod skrang)
- if you're bold, threaten to go to the lawyer's superiors. but ensure your records can back up all of your claims towards the lawyer.
- any other suggestions?

by the way, aku takde byk pengalaman pun. sama2 kita la belajar.

treec00l said...


thanks for ur comment based on ur true experience.

i dont want to take this matter prolong, since there is a positive progress for my case, Alhamdulillah.

aku realistic dowh & i know what i'm talking about, except for the outburst & outspoken ;p huhuhu.

ok, case close. huhuhu.

lesson learnt for the others :

sifu fariz,

jgn marah arr, aku menyemak kat sini.

Wida said...

Aku punya cara.. amik no hp lawyer.. At least seminggu sekali mesti call.. kalau takde benda nak ckp pun kata.. Ada apa update? Tapi selalunya seminggu 2,3 kali la aku call..

Dulu pernah gak aku biar je.. Kalau biar je.. kes pun jadi terbiar.. sakit ati gak..

So aku tukar strategi..

Matjoe said...

this is our time to brush up our english. i hope it not to late for me to join the ride.
here's the thing:
it's expectation (maybe base on promise) versus Moment if truth.
I think when it come to this SS need to walk the talk. If you say those house will be ready for rental in two week, meaning that you have get it ready for your client in two week.
if it cannot be done in 2 week, the client would appreciate before that two week end, you need to inform that there could be a delay, why it is delay and when is the new date of expected completion.
further you can always add few days buffer from the actual estimate date of completion. your client will be happy to know that its ready before the date that you mention.

by the way, you may find room for improvement base on the comment receive

anyway SS rocks.

Matjoe said...

shit, I is close to O in the keyboard, what i mean is my typo error. Moment of Truth, not Moment if truth.

pie2020 said...

emmm ... saya sentiasa backing kekawann seperjuangann.... kekadang duit bukann ukurann ... tapii persahabatann tu yang pentingg...

Anonymous said...

Bisnes kita takkan serupa sahaja sepanjang masa. Ada masanya bisnes kita naik, ada masanya bisnes kita turun.

Banyak syarikat kecil akhirnya tutup disebabkan bisnesnya terlampau laku. Perkara ini bagaikan tidak logik, tetapi ia adalah realiti.

Punca utama mengapa bisnes yang terlampau laku boleh menyebabkan bisnes tutup adalah kerana apabila bisnes terlampau laku, jumlah kerja meningkat sehingga menjadi terlalu banyak.

Kerja yang terlalu banyak, apabila tidak diurus dengan betul, ia menyebabkan pelanggan lari.

Kita tentu pernah pergi membeli nasi lemak di gerai yang pelanggannya amat banyak, sehingga masa menunggu menjadi terlalu lama, akhirnya kerana tidak sabar kita tidak jadi membeli.

Pelanggan yang terlalu banyak juga boleh menyebabkan kualiti perkhidmatan jatuh, dan kualiti produk juga jatuh.

Apabila mutu perkhidmatan dan produk jatuh, pelanggan yang ada akan berhenti membeli. Bukan itu sahaja, mereka bercakap kepada orang-orang lain bahawa produk dan perkhidmatan kita sudah buruk, lalu lebih banyak pelanggan lari.

faris said...

Betul Puan Ainon.. saya pun tak pernah terfikir akan kebenaran itu. Sebenarnya, saya juga suka menghindari tempat2 yang orang suka pergi disebabkan makanannya sedap dan sebagainya, terutama bila tempat2 begitu sesak dengan orang ramai. Semestinya bila waktu2 begitu, kualiti servis akan menurun. Bukan tidak cekap atau tidak mampu mencapai prestasi optimum yang dipersoalkan, tetapi, asakan dari pelanggan, kehadiran lagi dan lagi pelanggan.. penuh sesak.. itu yang menjadi masalah. Jika di ambil pekerja baru diwaktu itu, pekerja baru belum mahir. Dan jika ditambah pekerja,diberikan latihan.. belum tentu pula selamanya kehadiran pelanggan akan sentiasa ramai. Satu dilema. Tapi dalam case saya, saya berjaya divert pelanggan ke.. network2 baru. Itu yang saya perlukan. Kalau 2 network tidak mecukupi, perlu di tambah lagi..

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